Celebrating 30 Years in the Masonry Business

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14355 Mead Street
Longmont, CO 80504
Phone: 970-535-9380
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“Stone masons of A P Eberlein’s caliber are rare today – carving stone has become a lost art. When looking for the best stone craftsman, Eberlein’s name consistently rises to the top of the list. That’s because in a business as old as masonry, Eberlein has gone where no other firm has attempted to go, investing in the latest technology to marry sophistication and skill for the ultimate quality. Eberlein’s work is quite simply beyond compare.”

Bill Barns
Historic Preservation Specialist, The Florin Group

“Pem Eberlein brings his passion for the artistry of masonry to every project he builds. Pem gives individual attention to each and every job, and feels a sense of responsibility for building a legacy for future generations of Coloradans. That’s why he chooses to work with masonry, and that’s why the quality of his work is so important to him.”

Ann Sullivan
Past Director, Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

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